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  • From: kiko lazarev <kristijan.lazarev@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:07:55 +0100

hi Mrs. Jessica. I've read your message. programing for blind people
is possible and you could learn everything, just you need to get some
course when someone will explain you better, because everything on the
internet basicly is for people with no visual impaired. try search
about any course or such thing when someone directly will teach
yourself about what you were interested for.
by the way, thank you for your email, I'd subscribe your mailing list
and will join in those discussions there.
best regards, Christian.

On 1/15/15, Jessica Brown <justforlistmessages531@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi. I am completely blind and know nothing about programing. I
> have tried teaching myself html and have also tried teaching
> myself inform for writing text adventure games. I failed at both
> and can't even code a simple link in html. However, I think with
> some help and training, I can learn a programing language and I
> think learning how to develop for iOS will be more useful then
> html or inform. Do you think this can be done by a person like me
> and if yes, what are some getting started resources for very very
> beginners? Everything I have found by searching assumes that you
> know something about programing already, which is not the case
> for me. I have also heard from other blind people who are trying
> to teach themselves programing that the tutorials they find are
> no help because they are too visual and XCode is hard, not
> impossible, but hard to use with VoiceOver. I also found a site
> called but it did not even have the info
> the person who posted about it said it had. And also, I don't
> think the teaching it to myself thing is going to work. Are there
> any training programs where I can get help over face time or
> skype or mailing lists for beginning blind programmers or
> anything like that? Thank you.
> Please go check out my website:
> which has lots of
> different info on a number of topics for blind and visually
> impaired people and which I have recently redone.  Also please
> check out my low traffic mailing list:
> // where we can talk
> about anything related to blindness.  Thank you.
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