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lol -- I'm just reading this thread -- I have one other consideration: You have 
players which are objects with their own attributes and goals and the ability 
to make decisions.  And you set it up so they have to look around the field and 
see someone before knowing that player is there.  If you really want to get 
elaborate, you could also add more powers of observation to the object O, so he 
could detect and process the fact that the other player P is looking at player 
Q and therefore knows Q's whereabouts; also whether player P is looking back at 
O and so P and O know each other's whereabouts.
Well, you can get as realistic or as comical as you want.
Happy hacking.

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  Nope each object ahs their own AI and depending if one is Gay straight strong 
or week you could have a fight or a well..




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  nono, if two objects/players occupy the same area on the field, you get 
"smash" and a random roll with solution percentage rates altered by player 
stats  determines who wins




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    Let me add my 2 cents, because I love objects and am procrastinating. 


    1. A field should be able to contain players.


    2. A player should have location as a state.


    3. A player's location will need to be a region (field, bench, etc).


    4. If player is on field then they need to be in one of the locations of 
the field (field object should provide its bounds to user object)


    5. When user attempts to move to new location on field it must ask field 
for permission to move to make sure it is possible (not occupied).


    6. If location on field is occupied (have fun figuring out who gets to win 
the battle for the location)




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    On 2010-09-27, at 1:32 PM, QuentinC wrote:


    I think you should do it as logical and as similar to the real life as 

    IN the real life, the player knows only where he is

    In a player perspective, if he want to get informations about other 
players, he should ask his environment. IN this case, the field.


    In its side, a field should know who are on it, to be able to give 
information to the players.


    You have a bidirectionnal association.

    One side of the association may be useless, depending on the situation, 
it's impossible to tell you without a more precise example. It depends on what 
a player can do with the field, and what the field can do with the players. IN 
the football example, the field would probably be just a container which can 
only let players enter and exit and allow to iterate through the players who 
are in game.



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