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You have aliased RP08_R2_RETRO_PAY_SUM as r2 and referenced it as rp2 in the
equation.  The statement seems to be truncated too so I'm not able to
determine if you've done the same with the rp1 reference.  Might I also
suggest you associate a name with the result of the equation as well.



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I have to divide two fields and put the result in another field.  I am just
starting out with the select statement of the equation itself, but am
getting a strange error message.    I am putting the code and error mesage
here, if someone can assist me.

RP08_R2_RETRO_PAY_SUM r2, rp08_r2_empl
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00904: "RP2"."RESOURCE_AMOUNT": invalid identifier

Thanks for any help,

Eileen La Fond
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e.mail Eileen.LaFond@xxxxxxxxxxx

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