Re: How do I use Java instead of php on my websites?

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 05:32:03 -0400

I cannot speak from personal experience here, but from what I have read, would recommend the Grails web framework. It uses Groovy, the main scripting language of the Java runtime environment, combined with components to support rapid web application development, using techniques inspired by Ruby on Rails.


On 8/13/2010 4:34 AM, John J. Boyer wrote:
As you know, BrailleBlaster is being written in Java. It is a desktop
application. Making it a web applicationn would be another project.
nevertheless, since I am learning Java, I would like to apply that
knowledge to my websites. I think that this is what Bookshare does. So
where do I begin?

The braille knowledge in BrailleBlaster is largely contained in two C
libraries, liblouis and liblouisutdml Tarballs for both can be found on
the downloads page of Both also have
projecgtg pages on googlecode. They will remain C libraries so that they
do not require a run-time environment and thus can be used with various
high-level languages. liblouis has Python bindings, and liblouisutdml
has Java bindings. BrailleBlaster will call liblouisutdml directly,
which will call liblouis for actual translation, while itself doing the
xml rendering and braille formatting. It will also add markup in the
Unified Tactile Document Language (UTDML).


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