Re: Floss manuals for people with vision impairment

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  • Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 00:15:42 +0200

Hi all,

There's a website called:

it allows you to convert a pdf document to a microsoft word document..  This 
service handles files upto 10 mb in size.

I hope that helps.

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  Isn't there a tool somewhere that converts PDF to html?

  I don't want to ask the Floss people to do anything much beyond sending us 
their books.


  On Mar 30, 2010, at 6:20 PM, Jared Wright wrote:

    Seconding Sina, I know they said PDF is easier, but if they could produce 
HTML editions without too much inconvenience it'd be fantastic.


    On 3/30/2010 3:53 PM, Chris Hofstader wrote: 

      Deborah, the FSF membership coordinator, and I sent an email to the 
person in charge of Floss Manuals, the company that published the command line 
tutorial I mentioned earlier. Adam says that almost all of their books use GPL 
as their license and that he can provide their entire catalogue in PDF rolled 
up into a big .tar
      file. His note is below.

      This is all happening pretty fast so I haven't had the chance to take a 
look at the rest of the books they have but I'd bet that some will interest 
some of you.

      If Jamal or Elf want, they can take the entire .tar open it up and put as 
much as they like on their sites. If PDF needs to be converted to text, I'm 
sure that won't be too hard.

      Begin forwarded message:

        From: adam hyde <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

        hey Chris and Deborah,

        All books from FLOSS Manuals are available under a free license and you
        are welcome to use them as you choose for free as long as the same
        license is maintained (we use the GPL for all books except 3 or 4 which
        are either CC-BY-SA or FDL). We can provide PDF, plain html (each book
        on one page) or odt. Probably for us the PDF is the easiest to provide. 

        Here is an example of a PDF from us:

        we can provide you with a tar of all the manuals in pdf if you like...


        Founder FLOSS Manuals
        German mobile : + 49 177 4935122
        Email : adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        irc: #flossmanuals

        "Free manuals for free software"

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