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I have wondered about making a sound-based flight sim. While I am worlds away from having the programming knowhow to write anything like this, I wondered if things like pitch, roll, and yaw could not be represented by constant tones. As you pitch up the pitch tone increases. As you roll right the roll tone increases, and so on. At first it would be hard to track all this, but it seems that you could get used to it. Introduce some sort of combat flight senarios to make it interesting.

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Hi John,

The idea of making a flight sim accessible is still very much an
idea until
I can find the time to do it; however, thanks for the suggestion
of making
an open source game accessible as it's not something that I had
thought of
and certainly something worth investigating.

Whilst I'm not a games developer I've done quite a lot of work
simulating physics in the past. My current field of research in
haptics and
collaborative virtual environments, and these use some of the
technologies as games, such as collision detection and physics
I'm surprised that no games for the blind have made use of these
technologies yet. Whilst they are quite time consuming to write
you don't really need to write them yourself unless you enjoy
pain on yourself. There are open source physics engines
available, such as
the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), as well as open source scene
graphs, such as
Open Scene Graph (OSG), plus there are commercial packages
available, such
as Havok, which Intel have recently brought out. All will save
you a lot of
time and pain over writing scene graphs and physics simulations

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