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you might check with a local blind aid organization, or someone like the lions club to see if they have anyone that could use them.

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Hi all --
I have been trying to place my 3 CCTV's with partially blind persons or
schools or libraries where they are needed in the state of NC before we
move. We are scheduled to move next Monday and so far only one person has
taken a CCTV.
(Note: My vision is no longer good enough to use a CCTV; I had 3, 2 black
and white and one color unit. One of the B&W sets was taken as I said, but
I still have the other 2.)
If you have need of one and can come pick it up, please send me a note.
The units are old -- the B&W set was purchased in 1984 and has an old
fashioned vidicon tube in the camera; the color set is newer and uses a chip
camera.  The B&W set works great in spite of the old technology, but since
no one uses vidicon cameras any more, you would neve2r be able to get it
repaired if the tube burned out.

These CCTV's are near as and dear to my heart as anything electronic can
be -- they got me through school and 12 years of employment and beyond, but
I am absolutely unable to use them any more and the time has come to place
them somewhere where they can be of use.
If you are in school and you think the school can use it, perhaps they could
send me a donation acknowledgement for tax purposes, which is all I would
ask for them.

Please send email to lauraeaves@xxxxxxxxx if interested.

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