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yes Lamar , if you have a feel for colors, which I do since I was fully sighted at one time, then picking the colors you use has only a few rules, and an assortment of options.

dark backgrounds with light text seems to be, for the main part (there are exceptions to every rule), better for low vision users, and jaws has no problems with that.

not using combo's of blue and green, or red orange yellow, for a page helps for those who have two of the three types of color blindness.

and keeping in mind the stock colors for links is a good idea as well, which I always have trouble with, I think... if my moldy rocks, I mean brain isn't misleading me again that stock links are blue for unvisited links, purple for visited but your not there now links, and red if its "active" which means your on the page that link leads to. , so if you want to do a dark red page with gold type it will work, but the active link is going to be hard to see for some, since its red as well.

there are ways with java script to let someone choose how the page is presented, but I have not got them down as of yet, so can't share them right now.

good luck, and having a couple people who's opinions you trust take a look is never a bad thing, many sighted people ask there friends to take a look and give an opinion, so why not us, eh?

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I normally just take the suggestions of one or two sighted people about colors, then ask others what they think and go with the color(s) that most liked. It isn't a clean way of doing it and is far from independant, but it is the best I have seen. I also have enough vision to imagine what things might look like, so if I know I want to use black and orange on a page I can picture (sort of) what black text on orange would look like and then orange on black. You might also want a scheme like this, then use js to allow the viewer to dynamically change the scheme.

Have a great day,

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Hi everyone,

Sighted people are giving me a hard time because my web pages
breathing fires of colorful flames! *smile*  Where can I go, or
what should
I study to learn about colors and backgrounds for web pages?
Also, is this
something that blind people can really do? Or, will I need lots
of sighted

With All Respect,
Upshaw, LaMar T

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