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I did see a history of c somewhere, but can't remember it came from.

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As for books, one place is Bookshare (you need to live in United 
States to get it) and other free books from Google.
As Tyler said, try using Eclipse (there should be some 
documentation on Google).
Personally, I would rather let you learn CPP instead of C mostly 
because of compatibility, syntax and availibility.  If you are a 
student, I'd say it's better to learn computer science with this 
language, since it provides some foundation from where you can 
learn more about different styles of programming, how to write 
complex programs using simple way of writing things and so forth.
Here's an important question: are you being self-taught (learning 
by yourself) or do you plan to learn programming in college or 
other schools? If you are self-taught, then we (the programmers) 
could walk you step-by-step and get you started (when you are 
ready, that is).  If you are learning this from school, then we 
could help you reenforce
what you've learn by giving you some resources for you to look 
at, as well as answer questions for you (not schoolwork, that 
Once you get an IDE or a book, then we could start by going over 
what C or CPP really is (like a historical survey and how this 
language is used) before moving onto the C version of "Hello 

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Hi Joseph,
Could you show me where I can find these books, And the 
userguides of
Eclipse and Borland?
I really don't know a lot about these.
Thank you very much,

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 Hi Jiang,
 Nice to see you - and welcome to the list.
 as for C, the best books I read (and heard) were "The C 
 Language" by kernighan and Ritchie (the programmers who created 
 "Structured Programming" (or the equivalent title) and Designing
 Algorithms in C.  Personally, I recommend C++ or slightly modern 
 as C++ builds on top of C (slightly different syntax and way of
 writing things, but shares useful concepts).
 As for IDE (Integrated Development Environment), for beginners, 
 recommend writing your code in a text editor such as Notepad and 
 a command line compiler such as Borland compiler.  If you want a 
 IDE, the best one the programmers on this list use are Eclipse 
 Visual Studio Express (could you tell us under which OS you'll 
 your programs in?).
 Just for sake of intro: could you tell us more about yourself 
like how
 you heard about this list, how did you get into programming (a
 student, a programmer learning a new language, etc.) and what do 
 wish to learn? That way, those who have your experience can 
 your situation and help you better.

 On 4/2/11, giang <hoanggiang1994@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Hi every one,
 I'm Giang, a new member.  I'm beginning to learn C programming.  
But now, I
 don't know which book is good for me and which IDE is work well 
 Can you give me some choice?
 Thanks in advance

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