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  • Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:33:05 +0530

The site is down.
Any request for that site is being redirected to
Really quick action from!
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  Got this from another email list for those of you that want to lodge a 
complaint at blinknations hosts.


  Hi all,

  I did a whois search of I found out that the hosting site 
  for them is I sent a complaint to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 
  outlining politely and in detail how I have been spammed through their 
  server. I had to click on a link to verify my address after I sent it, 
  which is understandable, but then almost immediately got a response back 
  stating that my concerns were being forwarded to their abuse department.

  I encourage anyone wishing to lodge a complaint to do as I have done and 
  e-mail support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, as there is strength in numbers. It's not 
  the host's fault, so be polite and you're more likely to get heard. Be 
  prepared to verify your e-mail address by clicking on a link. Thanks very 
  much. The address again is support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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