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yep you will see a lot like that, and your right. They are for fans and other devices.

Your main parts will be PCI cards, video, harddrive cables and power supply.
All of them plugs only fit one thing and only one way.
By getting the manuals on some boards. You can pretty much feel witch sockets you need to find. And yes, for some connections you may need sighted help. Most of the front connectors are just 2 pin and can go on any way. Also when it comes time for BIOS work. you will need sighted help there. The rest can be done with auto install of what ever op you want on the system.

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How easy is it to locate the right connection point for those components (e.g. hard drive, DVD drive etc. ) on the motherboard? I've noticed a few spare sockets on my motherboard. some of them are very similar (maybe even identical) to those connected to the fans and other bits and pieces.

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researching parts/deciding what you want to include is the easy part.
the most nervous part is grounding yourself and getting the chip in correctly then examine where holes are located on the board, putting the studs in the right spots and bolting it in the case. it is really easy to slide the dvd/hard drives in and bolt the power supply in. it will be pretty obvious where cables plug in and the irritating items that take sighted assistance are the front panel plugs and reading bios screens.

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Dear All
Apologies if this falls outside the scope of the list.
I am considering building a PC, so i was wondering if any of you had experience of building a PC with no sight and, therefore, any advice for a newbe like me. i wonder, is there a list dedicated to the topic of internal PC hardware and general electronics for the blind?
many thanks in advance for your help.

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