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thanks for your advice.
I know what you are saying.
I am doing this in Romania, a small country in central eastern europe near the black sea. Our neighbours are Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ucraine, and Republic of Moldova.

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sounds like you are dealing with sheer pig headedness from your higher
ups.  Try another aproach if you can't find what you're looking for:

You might suggest that if they wish to be competitive, they are better
off developing software that will not have a steep learning curve by
making it work so differently from the standard way in which things
are done.  You might point out that section 508 s a good reference
point to use  since most of the assistive software used by blind
people is made in the U.S. and was therefore designed to work well
with these guidelines.  Deviating would constitute reinventing the
wheel and exposing the company to unnecessary risk by potentially
making their product less attractive to a segment of the market
because they insist on taking this approach.

It's always best to go for their money, my friend.  They will be more
afraid of losing it than of breaking any law.

Incidentally, waht country are you doing this in?


On 6/30/10, black ares <matematicianu2003@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My major problem is that, I am involved now in a project.
One of the results of that project is to develop or to buy an e-learning
solution good for blind people.
One of the companies that want to ofer us something like this, has made a
strange adaptation.
In their program you must use some key shortcuts to operate the program
instead of using as usual tab + shift tab to navigate, or arrows.
I asked them what standard they used for knowing how to adapt their
I am a software developer too, used to develop accessible software and when
I develop my software, I use the section 508 from U.S.A. legislation.
But that company argue that this is U.S.A. legislation and not european
legislation so they can do how they want the adaptation.

To have an image how bad they work, for working with jaws, they put on their
application form, an text box.
In that textbox they put every information from the application,
programmaticaly select it and diselect it, to make jaws announce it.
And I want to show them that is incorect.
But if I don't show them something where is written that is not correct what
they do...
Thank you.

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you might be able to get some assistance with this by contacting the royal

blind society also

Owner: Alacorn Computer Enterprises
Specialists in customized computers and peripherals
- own the might and majesty of a Alacorn!
proprietor, The Grab Bag,
for blind computer users and programmers

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This might help or might not.


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Excuse me for the off topic, but I need the following informations.
Does any one knows about something in european legislation like section
in US legislation?

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