[pradjs] Re: PRA meeting this Sat 4:00 + new board info

  • From: Drew Groove <nosflow@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Mike Jedlicka <mikejedlicka@xxxxxxxxx>, pra dj's <pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 09:42:37 -0700


I can't make it Saturday.  (DJing a wedding).  Also won't be able to do my show 
this Saturday 2-4pm).
Would you be able to print out a simple 'new mixing board for dummies' type 
info sheet to leave in the studio?  thanks!

on a side note, I know we have the upcoming benefit show in Sept,  but I also 
think that The White Owl would be a great place to hold another such event, 
being that we are right across the street and all.  Just putting that out there 
if while there you run across anyone that maybe we could talk to.  Maybe 
something this Fall or in the upcoming months.  Throw another DJ party 
fundraiser type thing.  Just an idea...


Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 23:02:36 -0700
Subject: [pradjs] PRA meeting this Sat 4:00 + new board info
From: mikejedlicka@xxxxxxxxx
To: pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Everyone,

Sat Aug 31st 4:00White Eagle Social Club (kitty corner PRA on 8th & Main)

We have a very important meeting with big news that will affect all dis this 
weekend (sorry for the short notice) and a demonstration following of the new 
interim board where I will show everyone how it works.  It's quite different 
than our old one, so I highly suggest you come out to this meeting if you are 
able to, not to mention the main topic we will be discussing.  Not to mention 
updates on the PRA house party!

Our board tech is going to diagnose and fix the old board next week.  There's a 
good chance we won't have it back for a 2-3 weeks.
Everything is working at the station, but things look quite different.  I had 
to install a new receiver as well to power the speakers, and completely re-wire 
everything for the new board.

So come out Sat!!!



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