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Oh the movie! No I didn't see it, yes she is very attractive and she
gets her tits out in swordfish but in a very disappointing manner.

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> It will hurt at first but I'm sure they will be much happier in the
> run.

I'm sure.  Their kids, my cousins, are assholes, though.  They were only
concerned with where'd they'd be living and if their dad would take all
carpets and stuff.  He's left them and their mother with the house and
everything to bring them up, I totally respect what he's done. =20

Those kids are 21 and 18.  I'm disgusted with them.

> A film that you should check out is "Angel heart" Robert DeNiro and
> Micky Rouke you'll like it. Good movie.


> Have you bought a game cube yet?

No point, got loads at work.

> Have you seen any trailers that look quite good ?

Eight-Legged-Freaks looks funny and brainless.

> And you never answered me when I asked you why you asked me if I had
> watched the flinstones?=3D20

Because it was on TV and I watched it.  Halle Berry is very pretty, but
she's a "one-role-gal", for sure.

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