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I thought they were pretty good and I thought ed Norton was getting
married to salam hayak. You seem to have a weird thing where you really
like a film for a while then do a complete u turn say it's a big bag of
shit. But hey=20
Go for it dude if that's what you want to do. The only thing I care
When watching a film is the film I don't care if the director is a nice=20
Guy or the actors or what they earn just so long as they entertain me.=20

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> I couldn't be fucked looking so tell your problem with him.

Well, there's lots and lots...  But if you look at fight club beyond the
hype and the glamour you realise that... hey, it's a piece of shit!

Brad Pitt is wooden, Edward Norton is a skinny shrimp...  Did you know
had sex with David Fincher?  I read it on
www.yahoo.com/news/edwardnortonhadsex111056oneoneonefivethingy/110456 -
Scary shit, dude.

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