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  • From: Nicholas Stephens <Nicholas@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 18:45:36 +0100

I was looking at it in the shops on Saturday and thinking that I really
wanted a new RTS game, but I didn't know if it was any good or not.

Is it better then Red Alert II? Because R Alert 2 can only be beaten if
Warcraft has got dogs that fire laser beams from their eyes.
(Okay so R Alert isn't a very good comparison)

The only game I have at the moment to play on my new shiny PC is Black and
White and that's just PISS BORING.



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> Oh, right..
> >It got a really good review in PC Gamer, too...
> It's a really good game. Obviously not if you don't like RTS games,
> though.

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