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News Alert!
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Upcoming Events:

Broadband Over Powerline 2005
June 28 - 29, 2005 *  Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY
* 10% discount for current members if
register before the 27th May.  More on this soon...
For more information visit:
1-800-882-8684 or email enquire@xxxxxxxx

A ?Roundtable on European Markets for in-home and
access PLC? to be held on March 3, 2005 in Brussels.
This half-day event sponsored by the PLC Utilities
Alliance, organised the day before a PLCforum
quarterly meeting, is intended to enable attendees
to discuss into detail the current and future market
opportunities for access and in-home PLC.

ICT World Forum CeBit 2005
10-16 March 2005
Hannover, Germany

Save the Dates! April 25-26, 2005
PLCA will hold a conference in conjunction with EUCI.
A special rate will be offered for PLCA members.
More information coming soon! at:

BPL Symposium
UTC Telecom 2005 - The Annual Conference of the United Telecom Council
May 22-25, 2005
Los Angeles, CA


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5 Days Left:
Smarthome Inc., announced the 10th anniversary
of its online home automation store.
 10% off all products for the next 10 days.


Latest News:

The Universal Powerline Association website
is now active.
Board of Directors
-Eric Morel, Schneider Electric
Powerline Communications : Chairman
-John J. Joyce,
Ambient Corporation: Vice Chairman
-Kikaku Tokumaru,
Sumitomo Electric Industries : Vice Chairman
-Ichiro Shimizu,
Itochu Corporation : Secretary
-Makoto Hasegawa,
Toyocom : Treasurer
-Weilin Liu, Ascom
-Jorge Blasco, DS2

New Millennium Research Council Report on BPL in 2005

Yitran Communications, Ltd. (previously
named ITRAN Communications Ltd), will be exhibiting
its extremely low cost commercial version of the
PITELin-building Internet distribution PLC system,
during the international CEBIT 2005 (March 10-16,
Hannover, Germany) and Convergence India 2005
(March 22-24, New-Delhi, India) events.
The PITEL? system is based on Yitran?s high
performance ITC1/ITM1 PLC chipset, providing robust
communication over the existing electrical wires with
no need for a dedicated communication infrastructure.

Is the cable industry finally getting serious about
providing home networking services? Could be, judging
from the moves of several leading cable operators and
a separate joint initiative by CableLabs and a number
of top MSOs.
At least two major MSOs -- Charter Communications and
Cablevision Systems -- have quietly started rolling out
home networking services to their high-speed data
subscribers in the past few months. Both Charter and
Cablevision are now offering wireless hookups of multiple
PCs and computer-related equipment to some of their
cable modem customers for a monthly service fee.

Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline
communications, today announced that it will showcase
its three generations of powerline communications
technology - HomePlug 1.0, HomePlug 1.0 with turbo
and HomePlug AV - at this year's Intel Developer Forum
(IDF) in San Francisco. The demonstrations, which will
take place in the Digital Home Community and the
Digital Home Experience Zone, will highlight the
benefits and capabilities of the company's powerline
communications technology to enhance the consumers'
digital home experience by providing easy connectivity,
and robust and secure coverage.

Communication Technologies, Inc. (COMTek), that owns
and operates the country's first commercially deployed
broadband over powerline (BPL) network, announced today
that 25-year industry veteran Mr. John E. Bell is its
new senior vice president of sales and marketing.

The Open PLC European Research Alliance, which brings
together electric utilities, telecom companies,
equipment suppliers and university research groups
under an EU-sponsored program, has selected 200 Mbps
power line communications technology developed by chip
supplier Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2). This
technology has been selected as the baseline to develop
and complete the OPERA Power Line Communications (PLC)
solution within Work Package 3 of the Project with
major contributions from WP partners, notably, ASCOM,
ADD, Dimat, Elsys, Mainnet, Mitsubishi, Robotiker,
Telvent, University of Dresden, University of Karlsruhe,
and Itran. The OPERA PLC solution will be promoted to
the European Standardisation organisations.

In the future, there may be even more choices for
high-speed Internet connections. An emerging wireless
standard known as WiMax, which is similar to Wi-Fi but
works at greater distances, and a technology called
broadband over powerline, using electricity lines, have
the potential to bring high-speed Internet access to
rural areas at last.

In tests across the country, computers are drawing more
than current from electrical outlets. They're also
pulling in high-speed Internet access -- using a
technology dubbed broadband over power lines, or BPL.
Since nearly every home in the United States is connected
to the electrical grid, backers say BPL is a perfect way
to bridge that economically problematic "last mile" of
service, even in rural areas where dial-up is now the
norm. BPL also promises to smarten up electrical networks,
saving ratepayers money and helping to prevent outages.
More than 40 utilities have experimented with powerline
broadband, said Brett Kilbourne, director of regulatory
services at the United Power Line Council, a BPL trade
group in Washington.


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5 Days Left:
Smarthome Inc., announced the 10th anniversary of
its online home automation store.
10% off all products for the next 10 days.



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5 Days Left:
Smarthome Inc., 10th anniversary of
its online home automation store.
10% off all products for the next 10 days.



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