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News Alert!
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Upcoming Events:

ICT World Forum CeBit 2005 10-16 March 2005 Hannover, Germany

* 10% discount for Plugtek members if
*    you register before the 27th May.

Broadband Over Powerline 2005
June 28 - 29, 2005 *  Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY

Whatever your reason for considering BPL technology
deployment, if you want the real, hardcore facts about
BPL deployment, Broadband Over Powerline 2005 is
definitely for you.

Learn from leading utilities, techology providers and
regulators in the BPL industry such as Duke Power,
City of Manassas, Consumers Energy, DS2, Mitsubishi,
NARUC and many more over two jam-packed days...

Where else can you find all of the latest US developments
surrounding funding, commercial deployment, core utility
applications and the arrival of standards in the USA -
as well as global perspective on the future of BPL?

Hear exclusive presentations from Rekjavik Energy (Iceland)
and Manx Electricity Authority on how BPL is working for
them. You'll even have the chance to quiz venture capitalists
and financiers on BPL's current status in the investment market.
In short, if you want the true picture regarding BPL,
you can't afford to stay at home.

For more information visit
ring 1-800-882-8684 or email enquire@xxxxxxxx

* 10% discount for Plugtek members if
*    you register before the 27th May.


Save the Dates! April 25-26, 2005
PLCA will hold a conference in conjunction with EUCI.
A special rate will be offered for PLCA members.
More information coming soon! at:

BPL Symposium UTC Telecom 2005 - The Annual Conference of the United Telecom Council May 22-25, 2005 Los Angeles, CA


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Latest News:

HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc., today announced the completion of the first step in a new effort to develop a specification for an advanced command and control technology that will complement the alliance's portfolio of powerline communications technologies.

Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline communications, and NETGEAR, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR - News), a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products, today announced that they are teaming to deliver among the first solutions based on Intellon's 85Mbps powerline networking chipset for high speed powerline networking.

Intellon presents the latest applications using HomePlug powerline communications. The company will demonstrate high-speed data transmission of up to 200 Mbps based on the nearly ratified HomePlug AV standard. Additionally, partner products powered by Intellon's ICs will be shown. These will include BridgeCo, devolo, Netgear, NEC/Packard Bell, among others.

Broadband over powerline (BPL) has been tipped to really start taking off in the US this year as commercial deployments rise according to the New Millennium Research Council (NMRC). NMRC said there were over 20 BPL projects in operation in 2004 with "more expected to come online in 2005". The technology is already being offered by Ambient in New York City and COMTek in Manassas, Virginia. ArticleTypeID=1&liCategoryID=4&liChannelID=2&liFlavourID=1&sSearch=&nPage=1

HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc., an industry consortium that creates international specifications for high-speed powerline networking products and services, will be exhibiting in the World of Powerline pavilion at CeBIT 2005 in Hannover, Germany. The alliance, with nearly fifty member companies worldwide, will show how HomePlug AV technology builds on the global success of HomePlug 1 to provide reliable whole-house distribution of digital video and audio over in-home powerlines. The demonstration will be held in Hall 14, Stand H13.

The BridgeCo DM830 processor interfaces directly to a wide variety of PHY-layer network devices, including Ethernet, HomePlug(TM) Powerline and 802.11g wireless devices. The BridgeCo firmware bundle includes a real time operating system that handles TCP/IP and USB networking protocols; MP3, WMA and other audio format decompression; DTCP/IP, Windows Media Connect and many other popular digital rights management (DRM) encryption/decryption processing and authentication; and UPnP, IR and LCD control functions.

Aztech Systems Ltd, a global leader in data and voice communication products, today announced the world's first integrated ADSL2+ HomePlug 85Mbps Residential Gateway combining the latest advances for ADSL with broadband connectivity up to 26Mbps over the telephone lines and providing a central gateway to distribute data, voice and video throughout the home at a speed up to 85Mbps via the electrical powerlines.

Billion showcases new series of Internet security appliances at CeBIT. At CeBIT Hannover 2005, Billion is showcasing router products in 4 categories â ADSL2+, Homeplug, VoIP, and Security.

The Hagerstown City Council gave approval, in an unofficial vote, to a timetable that would establish a March 15 public hearing on bringing wireless Internet capabilities to the city and a possible April ordinance presentation. City Light Department Manager Michael S. Spiker said the Broadband Over Powerline and Fixed Wireless Initiative would bring wireless Internet to city residents. Spiker said, despite the concerns of many amateur radio operators, the service would not be operating in the exact frequency being used by them.

X-10 and xAP When we start out in HA we are excited to be able to control anything withsome degree of automation. The simple things were exciting and made us lust for more. The typical route is the X10 ActiveHome that segways into Homeseer, MisterHome, or other PC-based automation engine. These provide more head room for growth and many possibilities that had not existed before.


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