[pittsburghquake] Re: Bad News

  • From: "Jason M" <bluecat141@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pittsburghquake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 04:19:20 +0000

More Bad News...

I thought I had a Pentium Celeron 500, but it turns out that I have a 
Pentium Celeron 533... but no MB to put it on.  My next most powerful system 
is an AMD K6-2 400 with all the items mentioned in a previous email... but 
as Jason said, isn't supported by UT.  So, sorry all.  On top of this, I'm 
having problems with a *slow* internet connection too!!!  Are we pathetic or 
what!!!  Bad modem, not a good enough server, sheez!  My 12 year old nephew 
has more and better systems than all of us!

>I called AT&T about my bad connection speeds.  They did some testing and 
>agree that something is wrong.  If I ping my default gateway, I get like 
>250ms.  They think my modem died.  They are coming to my house sometime 
>next week.  That means unless a modem falls out of the sky, I can't play 
>Sunday night.

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