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Public PAS Events 2013
events: http://www.pasaz.org/forums/calendar.php  

is a list of the upcoming PAS Events for 2013. These PAS Events are FREE& open 
to the public. Please be sure to RSVP where requested.
Bring the whole family to these events! RSVP for these events by
email Events@xxxxxxxxx.
If event is at Mike's home in Carefree, RSVP is with Mike at Primefactory@xxxxx.
If event has potluck, please sign up in PerfectPotluck.com site. See
calendar listing for password. Links go to our calendar listing for
these events & provide additional info about each event. It is
advised that you read the additional info so you know what to expect
at these events.  

for a scope for sale? Ads for scopes are found at the end of this
email. You might find the dream scope you have been looking for in
your price range. Good Luck! Another location to watch for scopes for
sale is the PAS Forums at this link: 
http://www.pasaz.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=5 And once in a while, I send 
out a scope for sale to this list. Not
interested? Just delete it.  

TheOctober 2013PAStimes Newsletter is ready for download. Please help yourself 
to a
copy. http://www.pasaz.org/index.php?pageid=newsletter 

2013 PAS Events

3: PAS
Meeting. Everyone welcome. Guest Speaker Topic: What's up? The Night
Sky & Basic Celestrial Mechanics.” Doors open at 7pm in Room
LS-201 at the PVCC Main Campus. Meeting begins at 7:30pm. Bring a
friend and bring a snack to share! Water provided by President Bruce.
More details in the October Newsletter and at this link: 

12: Astronomy
Day in Carefree. Free & Open to the public. Potluck is at 5pm.
RSVP is required with Mike at Primefactory@xxxxx.
More details are at this link: 
are celebrating International Observe the Moon Night, Astronomy Day
and Winking for Neil, at this event.  

13: Bookmans
Telescope Workshop 3:30 to 5:30pm in Musical Instrument Section of
the store. Free workshop. RSVP is required to attend with Terri 
Events@pasaz.organd leave the first name of all in your party and make and 
model of
scope you need assistance with. More details in the Calendar listing
for this event. 

17:FREE Telescope Workshop at PVCC Main Campus by the Telescope Dome &
G-147, 7pm to 10pm. RSVP is required with Terri. No public RSVp's
could cancel this event. When you RSVP, please include the Make and
Model of your telescope and the number in your party. RSVP at Events@xxxxxxxxx.
More details at this link: 

Free Public Star Party at Black Mountain Campus of PVCC which is
located at 60thStreet & Carefree Hwy. Event is from 7pm to 10pm and RSVP is
requested. RSVP Events@xxxxxxxxx with number in your party. Why do we RSVP? If 
weather isn't going to
allow this event to happen, I send out a cancel notice to RSVP's by
4pm the day of the event. 

ASU West Public Star Party 7pm to 9pm. RSVP is with Paul, and details
for this event are at this link. 

PAS Meeting. Everyone welcome. Guest Speaker: Rick Tejera “Beyond
M42 (What to look at after you've found all the easy stuff)” Doors
open at 7pm in Room LS-201 at the PVCC Main Campus. Meeting begins at
7:30pm. Bring a friend and bring a snack to share! Water provided by
President Bruce. More details at this link: 


have an awesome line up for the rest of the PAS meetings of 2013. You
won't want to miss a meeting! Come hear about:

M42 (what to look at after you've found all the easy stuff)”
of the Cosmos”

presentations are the line up for Fall 2013. We hope to see you at
all PAS events, and especially at our PAS Meetings. Bring a friend!

you curious about upcoming PRIVATE events? Consider joining PAS.
There are a bunch of really awesome private events for just PAS
Members, that may interest you.  

the Phoenix Astronomical Society and be part of something Spacial!

a description of some of the Private events you might want to attend
(as PAS Members):

– Night Sky Training Sessions. It was decided that several PAS
members are interested in learning how to find objects in the night
sky. So, PAS is starting these events on nights that we are at Mike's
home in Carefree, with the intent of helping fellow PAS members learn
how to find objects in the night sky. Watch for these events to be
listed in the PAS Website Calendar as NSTSin the title of the event. You must 
be a current PAS Member to be
involved in these events, and we need Teachers as well as Students to
make these events a success. So, even if you know a lot of objects in
the night sky, don't feel you need to stay home when we can use your
expertise to learn more about the night sky. Please read about these
events in the forums at this link: 
http://www.pasaz.org/forums/showthread.php?t=732- Member's only link.

– Cuttin' Edge Observatory Star Parties. Chris is opening up his
remote Observatory in Mayer to allow PAS Members to do star parties
at that location. He and I will be setting up dates for these events.
Watch for them on the PAS Website Calendar marked as CEO
PAS Members only. Some additional info about CEO's can be read in
this forum thread: 
http://www.pasaz.org/forums/showthread.php?t=558&highlight=cuttin+edge– Members 
only link.  

– Virtual Star Parties. At the Meeting of the minds on Mar 28,
Chris mentioned and showed us new software that would make editing
astrophotos easier and more fun. He and I are working to set up the
next VSP's. Watch for them on the PAS Website Calendar listed as VSP
The first event will be at Chris's home in Goodyear. This type of
event has 2 parts to it. 1) learn to use the software to control
Chris's scope, to set up your photo session. 2) After you have
acquired the number of photos you wish to use to make your final
image, Chris will do classes on processing those photos, through this
new software, to help you achieve your best end result. Both session
are separate events, and will be listed as such. So the VSP event is
the acquiring of the images. VSP
TS (Private)will be the Training Session part of this type of event. And VSP
IP (Private)will be the Image Processing portion of the event. These sessions
will be a party so bring a snack to share, and a drink to share. They
could be some very long nights. These events can be held anyplace
that has a fast internet connection. PAS Members only. This link in
the PAS Forums has additional info about these events. You may wish
to read about it. http://www.pasaz.org/forums/showthread.php?t=322– Members 
Only Link.

– Estrella Observatory Star Parties. Yves and I have set up a star
party at Estrella Observatory for every month of 2013. They are
listed on the PAS Website Calendar as EOSP
There is always a potluck before this event. PAS Members only.

Antenna's– What is Antenna's? Several PAS members ask me what this listing
on the PAS Website Calendar is for. Antenna's is a location that is
about 100 Miles from Phoenix in which serious observers with
telescopes will go to get away from the Phoenix light pollution. It
is a public location, as in no one owns it but it has been used by
many clubs in Arizona as a great dark sky observing location. If you
wish to attend, we ask that you talk to Eric or Sam about the event
before going to it. Why? Because Star Party Etiquette is a must.
Members of other clubs use this location to do astrophotography. They
are there to spend the night in total darkness. So, if you plan to
attend this type of event, we want you to be aware of what people are
doing down there at that location, plus use proper star party
etiquette, and prepare your vehicle not to have any white light come
on at all when you open the doors. It is advised that you arrive
before sundown and not plan to leave until dawn. There are no
facilities down there, so it is a bring your own everything event.
And it is not a PAS only event. The location is open to anyone. So,
check with Sam or Eric before heading down there, and be courteous to
other dark seeking observers. These events are listed on our calendar
as Antenna's as not to draw too much attention to these events. But
those who do this event on a regular basis, know what to look for on
the calendar.  


to stay in touch with PAS:

PAS online Calendar is a great source for all upcoming events, public
& private. Above is listed the Public events. To attend Private
events, you must be a PAS Member. You can join PAS from this link: 

You can keep in touch
with PAS through Facebook at this link: 

You can sign up to get
news from the PAS Blog at this link: http://pasaz-digest.blogspot.com/  

Plus, if you wanted to
discuss anything about astronomy, we have several members on the list
to help you out. Questions are welcome. The list serve emails go to
everyone on the list. You can reply or just monitor what is being
shared. Here's how you get on this list.....  
        sign up: phoenixastro-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: subscribe
(requests will be automatically verified and added)

        * The list you are on - Users can subscribe to the public notice list 
by sending email to phxastronomypublicevents-request@freelists.orgwith 
'subscribe' in the Subject field
        * To Unsubscribe from the list, put 'unsubscribe' in the subject field 
and send to the same address as above for subscribing. Or go to this link to 
unsubscribe: //www.freelists.org/list/phxastronomypublicevents 
Here's a List format
in a PDF of upcoming events, all of them, public & private to the
end of the year & sometimes beyond. 

Terri, Vice President & Event Coordinator for PAS

(Please note, these
items are not being sold by PAS. They are by individuals who have
nothing to do with PAS, who donated a small amount to get their ad
posted in several places of the PAS website, newsletter and this
information Upcoming Events list. Purchase at your own risk.)  

for Sale: Parks PRT-813 Refractor Telescope; 900mm focal length, 80mm
objective diameter. Very good condition, gently used. $500 or best
offer. Located in Ahwatukee. Local pick up ONLY. If interested call
Paul at 480-993-5313, or e-mail to Pagloh@msn.comFor a photo of this scope, see 
the PDF ad at this link: 
Good friends are like stars. You don't always
see them, but you always know they are there.
Terri Phoenix Astronomical Society Event Coordinator
Visit the P.A.S. Blog & My Facebook Page
Visit my Music Page: Private Music Instructor

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