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  • From: Nick Lindridge <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 21:39:19 +0000

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 12:30:39AM -0200, Manuel Lemos wrote:
> Hello Nick,
> Congratulations!


> I was brought to attention to it by Tom Duffey because it uses Metabase
> database abstraction package and it seems it had some problems with
> if(defined()) { define(); ...} statements. I hope you can fix that soon.

This has been fixed for some weeks in release 1.2dev. On this note, and to my
suprise, one user reported that they even Zend Cache (and phpa 1.1) broke
their code but that release 1.2 is ok in this respect.

> Anyway, it seems that my server is dying once in a while because my ISP
> kills tasks that take too much CPU for a long while. Some pages really
> require a lot of code in there. So, I think a little compiler cache
> could help.

I'd be suprised that this is what's happening. Have they said that they do
this? PHP will terminate requests that take more than a certain amount of
time. I think 30 seconds is the default.  A cache will help as it'll increase
throughput on the server and not hit the disk or kernel cache, but you
probably have other bottlenecks too. 

> However I have some concerns regarding stability of your cache engine.
> Once you fix the problem mentioned above I will give it some tests.

If you're running linux then grab 1.2dev and see how it goes. The problems
with metabase also have nothing to do with stability. They were merely bugs
that meant that a few specific code patterns would fail to be handled

With this or other extensions, I'd try advise trying it and monitoring 
carefully in as realistic a test environment as possible that it
performs as you expect until you are confident.

> Another thing is that I have Zend Optimizer enabled. I know that is I
> use your cache engine it won't use Zend Optimizer. My question, is does
> it compensate to use the cache engine without the optimizer? Do you have
> any benchmarks?

Benchmarks generally suggest that the cache improves performance above that
attainable with the optimiser. PHPA also includes a code optimiser that
can be enabled by setting phpa.tweaks = on. However in the releases this
isn't developed as much as it could be and doesn't make a huge difference.
Other tests in development make rather more of an improvement, but these
won't get added for some time.

> Finally, I wonder what you think about developing and Zend Encoder
> competitor. Is it feasable for you?

I think that there's already an opensource one. If I do anything next it'll
mostly likely be incorporating some more aggressive optimisations that I've
played with. I'd like to increase execution speed further now that the loading
performance has been reduced.


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