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Welcome Back, Roger.

If anything at all was recorded to show what was hanging, it would be in the 
Event Viewer (Start > Run > eventvwr.msc).  There are three sections and 
only two of them record items by default.  Most likely, it would be entered 
somewhere in the System area, but check through the Application area as 
well, just to be sure.


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> GMan!
> Apologies for the hiatus.  For six weeks after your post I was bugged by
> the inability of Windows Update to install KB927779.
> On average I wd install it 5-6 times a day i.e. whenever the Yellow
> Shield came up; researched all the MS help files, followed all helpful
> suggestions (including yours) but without success. So kept offline as
> much as poss.
> THEN, I installed SP3 and behold! No More Yellow Shields (tho' neither
> is KB927779 installed)
> So I have been gently restoring files from Acronis (which has been
> largely successful) but have a new problem in that Windows often hangs
> when shutting down.  I get "Logging off", "Saving your settings",
> "Windows is shutting down" and then it hangs ... and hangs.... and
> hangs; until I have to manually Power Off.
> Is there a File somewhere inside (which I could look at after
> restarting) and which wd tell me what ACTUALLY happened?? and hopefully
> give me clue as to how to correct the problem??
> I wd appreciate ANY suggestions please
> Roger W 

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