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    I've found that when I don't provide enough detail, I end up answering 
enough questions to triple the number of words I end up typing. 

    Besides, I really want you folks to understand this stuff so you're not 
wasting your hard earned money on things you're better off without. 


"The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask."

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> Wow G did you detail that or what...in short the more resistance in an
> electrical/electronic circuit the more heat it gives off..I will check to
> make sure the LCD vents are free from any air contriction. There are no
> other appliances in this room but I will make sure the heat isn't rising
> from the tower and it seems to be the LCD. I gave my friend my Samsung 19"
> LCD and he said there is no heat at all coming off it but now that I 
> think,
> it did when I had it so it must be traveling up from the tower..thanks for
> the detailed reply.
> Rudy 

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