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  • From: "Don" <dsw32952@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 18:41:49 -0400

Why does it not surprise me that the problem only occurs when the computer 
is connected to/through AOL.  My money says the problem is either a benefit 
designed to make AOL so simple that anyone can use it or is a problem 
created by one of those benefits.... most likely a server level security 
related benefit.  I would check with AOL to see if there are any user 
settings on those types of benefits that might fix the problem.

I would think that a faulty modem or other external hardware device would 
block ALL data, not just some.  But you might check the configuration of the 
modem and router/filter/whatever.  It could be locking down certain ports 
that certain data transfers use.

I would not suspect any user installed security software on the computer, at 
least not yet, since it works fine on your access point.


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> Hi Don.
> I brought the machine in question back to my house for fixing, hooked it 
> up
> to my network - no problem at all.
> It seems that this problem only occurs when it is using her AOL broadband
> connection and not when hooked up to my cable connection by my router.
> Could a faulty modem or dsl filter cause this problem?
> I will inform them to report this to AOL and see what they say (not
> expecting much!)
> Regards
> Chris
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> chris@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.spotta.com

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