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I vote yes!

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Many thanks to Don for this info.

Below is the info Don provided me about 2013 Black Mountain Campus events.

I'm giving those of you who like the location, a chance to give me input.
I have Don's input.
Now I'd like a few others to confirm that the choices Don gave me
are what we want to go with, based on the MOON.

Let me clear it up here:

Remember, we are talking about 2013.

The date BMC is on now is Apr 18.
Don says:*April 11* is a good date, since the moon will be just a tiny sliver if visible at all.

The date BMC is on now is  May 16.
Don says: *May ninth* is basically the same as April.

The date BMC is on now is Oct 10.
Don says: *October 24*, the moon does not rise till 10:15pm so that is good.

The date BMC is on now is None.
Don says: *November the 21* the moon rises at 10:57pm so that would work.
Terri says: Turkey day is in this month someplace. Is it the 28th? Then the 21st would work.
Someone look that up for me, please. When is Turkey day in 2013?

The date BMC is on now is  NONE.
Don Says: *December the 19* the moon rises at 9:45pm so that would work as well.
Terri says: The 19th doesn't conflict with Xmas, so this will work fine too,
as long as school is still in session at PVCC BMC.

*Jenny*: Please check Nov 21 and Dec 19 to see that BMC is having school that day,
so that we can have the school people attend the event. Thanks.

I appreciate this input.
Now it's your turn. If you agree with Don's choices,
or my original choices, as I was thinking we wanted a 1st Quarter
moon in the public events... then put in your vote.

Add dates if you need to, but give me some kind of input. Thanks.
Have a super day!

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