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Potato Salad would need to be chilled also.

I have no objection to giving the location options of Pizza, Burgers and

We've gotten subs during some of our events. I know I've seen Mayo covered
onions drop on things but I've also seen pepperoni and sausage wander off
of a Pizza. Pizza does have the same potential for being messy.

On burgers. If a school were to grill some burgers and sell them at the
event and give us access to 2 burgers while at the event, I'd be fine with
that however, they'd have to start soon enough that they can feed us before
we have to "work".

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 4:31 PM, Terri <cosmicstarstuff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> William agrees there is too much prep work in hamburgers and hotdogs.
> but they could offer to pick up from Sams club a thing of potato salad
> make some hamburgers, have the option of eating them without the bun,
> as un diabetics would decide to do, depending on how long the star party
> is scheduled to be... and that would make a nice meal, or bags of chips to
> go with it.
> but is that cheaper than just doing pizza? cheaper for the school?
> Keep the ideas flowing. this is a good conversation.
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>  Other than a sit-down dinner ala CTCA it sounds like pizza may be the
> best alternative. Though would say, hamburgers and hot dogs work?  They're
> also filling and easy to eat. Hotdogs are ok cold too.
> ES, Via Blackberry
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> Subject: [pasmembers] Food at School star parties
> PAS Members who do events where they feed us:
> I'd like to start a discussion about the food we get at school star parties
> and what you'd like to see there, instead.
> Let me give you an idea why we do pizza.
> Pizza is a bread, so it is substantial and usually
> 3 pieces of pizza holds a person for 3-4 hours
> before they are thinking food, again.
> It is easy to eat, with just a plate and napkin, don't need
> plastic-ware.
> It is cost effective for a school. One pizza can feed 3 of us,
> if it is a large or XL, and with only 1 topping.
> It can also be eaten cold, for some of us who don't mind
> cold pizza. And left overs are good, as some schools have
> us take the extras home.
> ---
> A previous star party they made us large, baked potatoes, with all the
> fixings.
> it was next to impossible to eat it, talk and do the scope at the same
> time.
> Which, by the way is the reason why we now meet 1 hour prior to the start
> of the event, for set up and eating. Earlier, if needed. This was messy
> too. The potato pieces got all over my table cloth, mostly due to it being
> dark and i couldn't
> see where my plate was, and every time i wanted to take a bite, someone
> else
> walked up to look through the scope, so i put it down, talked, and when
> they left
> had a cold baked potato to eat. It just wasn't a pretty sight.
> But the baked potatoes, even tho they were delicious, were a bother to
> eat due to needing a plate, fork, and just impossible to eat standing up.
> We've had Subs provided for us, but there are some ingredients that
> some of us don't' like or are allergic to. Example: Mayo... some people i
> know do not like mayonnaise. Others don't' like Tomatoes on their
> sandwiches. And to have a school order a specif sandwich for each
> person attending, would be difficult and a bother to them.
> With the pizza i tell them to get a 1 topping pizza, have at least 1 that
> is pepperoni,
> one that is double cheese and the rest any way they want. I can eat the
> cheese pizza
> if that is all that is there that I might like. I won't eat the pepperoni,
> i find it too greasy, although I like eating it, i don't' like my face
> breaking out from it. This is an example.
> And then for the most part, our group eats the pizzas without any
> trouble... i only
> know of one 2 people in our group, and they aren't telescope operators,
> they are helpers to those with telescopes, who won't at this time eat
> pizza. 1 is allergic and 1 doesn't want it for other reasons.
> I've thought of asking for a salad, large salad, as the main meal but then
> a lot of
> people like a complete meal, rather than just a salad for dinner.
> So, i'm opening this up so that we can discuss it and maybe someone has
> an idea of what is easy to order, not allergic, not too messy, doesn't
> require
> too many utensils, and fairly in expensive to feed 10 telescope operators
> at an event.
> This discussion comes about because I've heard that some of our telescope
> operators are tired of pizza. To me, free food, or food I"m working for,
> is well
> worth it. And I"m allergic to a lot of things... so pizza is one thing i
> can eat
> and fill up on, enough to last through the event.
> And 2 to 3 pieces of pizza, if a large, fills me up and i don't think of
> food again
> until we finish the event. Other foods don't' last that long and then i'm
> looking
> for food by the end of the event, getting crabby because i'm getting
> hungry. That isn't good...
> Now the drinks are another detail. I ask for bottled water because several
> of our people are diabetics. We don't' need the extra sugar of soda, or
> fruit
> juices. I would rather have the carbs of the pizza and drink water with it
> and stay awake, than to have some sort of sugary drink with my pizza
> and get too tired to do the job. Sugar in excess, like a soda, makes me
> extremely
> sleepy. So, if water isn't your preferred drink, I would like to have that
> part of this discussion as well.
> As Event Coordinator, I need to know what to ask for  for food and drink,
> for our TEAM. Specific stuff won't go over very well. Being generic with
> pizza and water, seems to work each time. Plus, we don't want them asking
> us food. We want them to purchase it for the ease of it, and the speed of
> being able to eat it quickly.
> I know, pizza over and over can be too much. But it is the easiest
> thing to eat on the go, without the hassles of plastic ware
> and the need of a table to put it on to eat it.
> If i had my way, i'd request a big steak dinner with baked potato
> and fresh baked bread. But you know that isn't going to happen.
> Send me your input.
> Thanks
> I'm going to take into consideration your suggestions, as long as they
> are logical.... meaning, no messy foods. NO hot wings on the telescopes.
> That's the other detail you have to remember... sometimes we don't have a
> bathroom
> near by, and if you are eating something too messy, do you want to touch
> your
> eyepieces after eating? And do you want to walk around with hot wing sauce
> all
> over your face? Consider this when you suggest food for events we are doing
> for free at schools.
> Terri, Event Coordinator
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> see them, but you always know they are there.
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