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  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 13:18:29 -0700

Looks like the storm is moving out quicker than they thought.  Weather.com and 
weather underground both have rain ending tonight.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are 
listed as partly cloudy.  Thursday is listed as sunny.  Chance of rain is 10% 
on Tuesday and 20% on Wednesday.


However this has changed somewhat from a forecasts I reviewed for my office in 
85024 just three hours ago.  They were predicting Sunny on Wednesday then.


The issue seems to be the track of tropical storm Norbert.  It’s supposed to 
shift from almost north to northeast right about now.  If it doesn’t, then the 
forecast could change for the worst.  If it shifts more to the east than they 
think, then the forecast gets better.  Probably best to wait until tonight for 
a more accurate forecast.


Peter Turner

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Wow, what a storm this morning. Made commute to work a mess. I need a weather 
forecast update.

Ch 3 news says possible rain through Thursday, which means clouds, even if rain 
isn't falling.


Please send updates for 


Tuesday evening event 85020, Phoenix AZ, 


and Wednesday evening Event in Goodyear.


What I'm looking for is: Knowing what you know about the weather for those 2 
nights, would you be doing these events? 


How's the cloud cover, the winds, the rain situation, etc. 

Is there any chance to cloud hop?


Cloud hop is like Star Hop: When there is an opening in the clouds, we all hop 
to the available object.


Thank you so very much!

Terri, Event Coordinator for PAS



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