RE: sqlnet.ora and tcp node checking on issue

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node checking doesn't allow wildcards, so if you have clients using DHCP, 
better to use a firewall instead.  The built in mechanism is more appropriate 
for database which are only accessed by a few application nodes.

- Chris

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This particular client uses DHCP. Our Systems guys would be able to reserve the 
IP for this machine, but I was most interested on whether Oracle has a fix for 
it. I have not been able to find anything on ML site nor on the web.

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Has anyone run into issues with the listener not starting when sqlnet.ora 
includes tcp node checking? It appears that the problem is a computer name that 
is not resolvable through DNS - or that it just happens to be turned off at the 
time. I am using this setting as part of a security strategy to only allow 
certain clients direct access to the database servers.

If you're concerned enough to use tcp node checking, you should probably
consider using IP addresses rather than server names.

Jared Still
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