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  • From: Branimir Petrovic <BranimirP@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 18:09:58 -0500

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> From: Ron Rogers [mailto:RROGERS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Subject: oracle client on XP
> List,
> We are migrating our client PC's to XP and have located a permissions
> problem with the Oracle sub-directories.
> We loaded the PC with xp -sp1 then sp2 as the administrator.
> Then we installed the Oracle 9.2 client. When a reqular user attempts
> to acces the Oracle/home92 the user
> gets "access denied". 

Fix for this one is both easy and difficult. 

It is easy to fix it - user with local admin "powers" has to log on to 
each and every XP box with Oracle 9 client, then position himself/herself 
at the root of the problem (the C:\oracle\ora92 folder), right click on 
the folder, Properties, "Advanced" button on Security tab, Permission 
tab, check both check boxes (both "Inherit from parent..." and "Replace 
permission entries on all child objects...") press on "Apply" button and
watch change being "pushed" over gazillion files and folders there.

That was the easy part after which all "normal" (nonadmin that is) users 
will be able to access stuff from C:\oracle\ora92\bin folder. 

Hard part however has to do with "each and every XP box" that local
Nimda have to visit in person to clickety-click to bring "in line"...

Resource kit xacls.exe utility may help to some degree with this task:

By the way, this problem is Oracle-on-XP related and predates both the
SP1 and SP2. 

Logical conclusion (of why on earth it wasn't fixed before) is that XP 
boxes in your environment run in non-preferred mode!? You see in Winduhs 
environment it is standard practice that everyone (and his dog) logs/runs 
as local Admin... Since apparently hardly anyone in "real world" runs XP 
like your organization tries to, problem escaped detection/fixation cycle 
up until now ;-) 


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