RE: looking for doc with diagrams on redo and undo for java developers

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thanks. just picked up jonathans book a few weeks ago and handt read it yet... 
pulled it off the shelf. skimmed it. its in the first chapter with diagrams. i 
gave him expert one on one, but he had to read about 70 pages to really get it.
thanks mark.

to the other posters: i did expalin. however, it is perfectly reasonable to 
want documentation and people woh have thought out the explanation in a well 
thought out article can have better explanations than i do. 

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> Ryan, 
> I know for sure Jonathan Lewis covers this in his three-day seminar, "undo 
> and 
> redo costs". I think it may also be covered in his book, but I don't have it 
> here at the office today. 
> -Mark 
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> Subject: looking for doc with diagrams on redo and undo for java 
> developers 
> Object Oriented programming is all about reuse so our java guys made a 
> universal 
> update statement that updates all columns in a table, even unchanged columns. 
> I 
> know its bad, but its a major re-write to change this. I was digging through 
> the 
> otn docs and some books and everything that leads me to this requires a 
> significant amount of reading. Multiple chapters etc... 
> anyone know a short article that explains undo and redo along with diagrams 
> and 
> why its bad to update unchanged columns that is easy for a non-oracle person 
> to 
> follow? 
> checked the concepts doc, but they would probably have to read 50-70 pages to 
> get the basic idea. 
> -- 


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