RE: diag/rdbms alert files

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  • Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 12:20:26 +0100

Not all logfiles are purged by adrci:

Adrci Purge Does Not Clear the Text-formatted Alert.Log located in the Trace 
Folder [ID 751082.1]


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Thanks, fast.   After days, you would think SR would have directed me at least 
to here?

Anyway, any other comments or gotchas or practices are gladly accepted.

I'll look closer, 1 year is not really what I wanted for all files... I got a 
log of trace file for instance.

Sounds like I might have a different approach than the old one with unix 
commands and cron.

Joel Patterson
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On Mon, Dec 06, 2010 at 03:02:27PM -0500, Joel.Patterson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Does anyone keep say 30 days worth of data in the new 11g Architecture?
> Example:
> find ${ORACLE_BASE}/diag/rdbms -name "* .trc" -type f -atime 
> -{NUMBER_KEEPDAYS} -exec ls -ltr {} \;   (or xargs instead of exec)
> *.trc   *.trm   *.ams  *.stg  *.mif  *.ir
> Could you just blanket remove all files, (or do the six file types 
> specifically)?   I created an SR once for this and essentially the analyst 
> said yes.    However, I'd like a second opinion as I am not sure of all the 
> file types yet.
> For instance in alert/log.xml appears to rotate at 1M, but is there any 
> cleanup to purge old files?
> Etc.   wondering what the rest of the community is doing in this regard.
> Joel Patterson
> Database Administrator
> 904 727-2546


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