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The plan that I see in v$sql_plan appears to be different from what I see
in explain plan. There is an article on
metalink that deals with this issue. The thing that I don't understand is
that the plan I see in s$sql_plan seems to
be the same as the plan for the query that finishes in seconds. Yet, this
one runs for over an hour

thank you

Gene Gurevich
Oracle Engineering

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Did you checked in v$sql_plan the real execution plan with

genegurevich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
      Hi all:

      Can someone recommend a good article on the cursor sharing in Oracle
      9. I
      just found a query that runs in 5 seconds
       with CURSOR_SHARING_EXACT and in more than 1 hour without it
      (cursor_sharing is set to force on the DB level)

      I'm trying to find out why it happens.

      thank you

      Gene Gurevich



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