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Hi all,


As a follow up, I wanted to let you know that Duncan's suggestion worked and
I am now able to bring up both xclock and the Oracle Installer.  I was
unable to ssh directly into the oracle account for security reasons, which
is why I was performing the switch user.  Therefore, it seems like my
problem was a security issue related to X authentication


Thanks for all your help   





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there are a couple of extra steps ...


ssh -X sunhost


# get a list of X auth info

$> xauth list
sunhost/unix:11  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  70f1a1a3f444272ae0fa5b388b0b3f49
sunhost/unix:10  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  1827878ae62fd34205dfef870c85bf6b

# check your display and extract the matching auth 

$> echo $DISPLAY

$> xauth nextract - sunhost/unix:10  
0100 000c 6c6e6c3930642d3030303261 0002 3130 0012 4d495 ...

# switch user to Oracle and set your display

ora> export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0

# add the auth info

ora> xauth nmerge - <CR>

# paste the long key from the nextract above and hit return (twice)

ora> xclock 

# Success ! (hopefully).





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