RE: VPD vs multiple schems vs multiple instance

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One more reason to keep them separate:  Recovery.  What if one client
needs the database rolled back?  If you have one instance, they are all
screwed.  Sure, you can do something with Tablespace Point in time
recovery.  But why make it harder than it needs to be?

Keep them in separate instances.

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I would advocate separate instances for the following reasons:
 1. Easier security.
 2. When downtime is required, easier to meet each client's needs.
 3. When Oracle needs patched or upgraded, easier to deal with each
 4. If you decide to move a client to another server, easily done.

For example, one client insists an Oracle patch be applied
immediately. Another client insists that they can't possibly accept
the downtime required. With a single instance, you are forced to
choose between clients. With separate instances you can treat clients
There are advantages to a single instance from a shared pool
perspective. However, in my experience the frustrations outweigh that

Dennis Williams

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