RE: Use SQL*Plus 10g to connect to 9i databases

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 17:56:51 -0400

The error means that you've connected to a listener at the host/port
specified in your connect string, but the listener you've connected to
doesn't recognize the value of SERVICE_NAME specified in the connect
string.  On the database server, where the listener is running, if you
do a 'lsnrctl services', is the service you're trying to connect to
listed there?  Also on the database server, what if you connect to the
database with "/ as sysdba", and do 'alter system register;"?  Then try
the lsnrctl command again, is the service listed?  Did that fix the
problem?  If not, are there multiple listeners on that database server?
Maybe you're connecting to the wrong one, and it doesn't support that
Hope that helps,

Mark J. Bobak 
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Subject: Use SQL*Plus 10g to connect to 9i databases

SQL*Plus is installed on my laptop and I want to use it to
connect to as many databases as I can. (mainly 9i variants)  I have
updated the tnsnames.ora in the 10g home to contain all the entries, and
when I use the command-line tnsping, it resolves the names, but when I
use 10G SQL*Plus for Windows, it tells me 

ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in

SP2-0640: Not connected

What am I missing?
Bonus points if you can tell me how to connect 10g EM Database Control
to other databases (i.e. especially 9i)

Stephen Andert

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