RE: Transportable tablespace with missing datafile

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Welll if you're really sure you're not going to use any blocks out of that
file, you could patch the headers to make it look as if it is okay.

Then Oracle would swallow it and of course you might well have total crud
relationally. But if you then carefully unload the good stuff -- I guess I'd
verify no extents of a table being kept had anything in the file in
question. From a standpoint of ever using that tablespace in production
again I'd say you're toast, but if you unload or export the data and make a
new tablespace to hold it you should be okay.

Good luck. It is totally on you to get it right.


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Does anyone know any tricks for forcing a transportable tablespace to
when a datafile is missing?  I don't mind loosing the data within this
datafile, but there are many other valuable tables in other datafiles within
this tablespace.

Due to an operational error, 1 file (out of 91) from a 2tb tablespace has
deleted after the metadata was exported.  We have a cold backup of the
datafiles from this tablespace only (not full DB) but the tablespace was NOT
readonly at the point of the backup, and the database was restarted for the
metadata export. This means we can not simply restore the missing file.

The error we get on import is ORA-19722, and the oracle version is


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