Re: Trace file does not list detailed timings

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 21:29:18 -0000

Had to use 3009359.8 to find it on Metalink

I see that it is "higher CPU use if sql_trace = true",
fixed in - possibly the fix was to stop sql_trace
from enabling _rowsource_execution_statistics.


Jonathan Lewis
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Be aware of bug 3009359.

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Is this a case of: 9i and It used to show stats when I switched on SQL_TRACE, but it doesn't any more after an upgrade.

If so, then it's a change in default behaviour.  In earlier
versions of 9, when you enabled sql_trace, you implicitly
enabled "_rowsource_execution_statistics". The most
recent versions don't do this. If you want them, then
   alter session set "_rowsource_execution_statistics"=true;

The cost is significant in some classes of query - nested
loops seem to be the worst.  I have an example where
the CPU time goes up by a factor of three when stats
are on.


Jonathan Lewis

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