Re: Time estimate for patches from Oracle

  • From: "Bill Ferguson" <wbfergus@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rjoralist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:15:25 -0600

All -

Thanks for the  input so far. This is escalated to a severity 1, as
the database is completely unusable. It seems to be a combination of
Undo and the flashback archive (total recall). Not quite sure what the
'magic' combination is, but something I'm doing in the database keeps
generating an error message of "Out of transaction slots in
transaction table", and once that happens all I can do is a "shutdown
abort" and then restart again.

The problem with this is that once I do, then most of the undo needs
to be re-applied back (roughly 35GB, that takes about 6 hours), and
then the system seems to crash shortly afterwards again. It's also
generating around 20GB of trace file activity every 6 hours as well.

And even though I'm on Windows, it turns out that this bug was
originally found and fixed for Linux platforms, as that's what all of
the previous bug reports were for. Evidently I'm the first to report
it on Windows, and the guy from Oracle Support said they had to work
on a backport, which seems to be done. It sounds like what they need
to do now is figure out how to 'package' it as a patch, etc., but I
haven't received a timeframe from them yet.

Needless to say the users are getting a bit fed up and I don't know to
tell them. Things were running fine here on 11g for a bit over 4
months, so it's a bit difficult trying to figure out how to move back
to 10.2, besides the lose of 4 months of data. I'm not sure what other
data problems would occur taking everything back from 11g to 10.2,
besides the lose of all changes made to the data since we moved to 11g
(which was the primary reason to do it).

-- Bill Ferguson

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