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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:00:37 -0500

I believe that on startup the temporary file headers are rewritten.  The
temporary file is not formatted like a regular datafile would be for its
declared size when added to a tablespace but instead is initialized when the
space is used.

This should be in the manuals if I can grab a couple of minutes to go

HTH -- Mark D Powell --

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Well  good question.  Got me to thinking.  I know for sure that if you
created a tablespace type temporary using a standard datafile, you have
this issue.  But, I am not sure with a tempfile.  Need to do a little

First question comes to mind....does it actually create the tempfile?
When you shutdown the database, the tempfile is still in your operating
system.  Instance/database startup, it reuses the same file since that
is defined in the data dictionary. So I don't see how it actually
recreates it.  It reuses that file and data dict information.  If the
file is still there and the data dict info is still there, then I am
willing to bet (maybe a buck or two   8~))  )  that the segment info is
retained in the data dictionary.

Anyone else with input?

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Les, If the temp tablespace is created using tempfiles which are in turn
"re-created" every time the instance is started how is it that pmon has
clean up a log of small extents each time the instance starts?  What

-- Mark D Powell --

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1: create default temporary tablespace tspacename

TEMPFILE '/u01/oradata/temp01.dbf' SIZE 500M

(Set your uniform size to a reasonable size based on your database size.
DO NOT use small extents.  Use 5m, 10m, even up to 100m if your tspace
is large enough  If you set it too small, you run in to the iissue of
PMON running a long time to clean up the huge number of small extents
each time the instance starts.)

After tablespace is created,=20



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