Re: Temporary Tablespaces

  • From: "Mark J. Bobak" <mark@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bunjibry@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 13:35:48 -0500

1.)  Create *temporary* TEMPORARY tablespace.
2.)  Loop through all users, alter user ... reset temp tablespace to
that created in #1.
3.)  Drop current temp tablespace.
4.)  Create the temp tablespace in the new target disk.
5.)  Loop through all users, alter user ... to reset the temp space that
created in #4.
6.)  Drop tablespace created in #1.

But, before you do all that, have you considered whether this is really
going to increase performance?  How did you come to that conclusion?


On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 12:55, Bryan Wells wrote:

> Okay... I want to improve some disk space by moving temporary
> tablespaces to another physical disk, however, im thinking I cant do
> this w/o dropping and recreating since i cant take a temporary
> tablespace offline to move it. ora can I?

Mark J. Bobak
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts."  --Richard P.


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