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You did not say if any of the tablespaces were READ-ONLY. It is wise
space management
to have the READ-ONLY tablespace a close to 100% as possible as they
will not be changing again.
Also If the tablespace as Local Managed Tablespace (LMT) with
autoextent turned on the tablespace 
should show 100% before extending. 
I am sure that you have heard it before but "Disk is cheap" or maybe
you are keeping to much data
 Investigate the real reason for the 100% tablespace space usage. Has
the database been around for 
a while and the data storage need change? Has the application changed
to increase the storage needs?

>>> "Wells, Bryan" <Bryan.Wells@xxxxxxxxxx> 09/06/2004 9:43:58 AM >>>
All -

Being new to dba, I was curious about my tablespaces reaching 100%. 
This is
a 9i warehouse environment utilizing partitioniing and transportable
tablespaces.  Would it be normal to see 100% utilizatin on the
tables?  What about the others?  I could add a datafile but my disk
space is
shrinking. Probabluy because my tablespaces are growingn eh.

Any information, help would be greatly appreciated.

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