Re: TKPROF output -- high current gets for INSERT

  • From: "Terry Sutton" <terrysutton@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:56:45 -0800

The phrase "Elapsed times include waiting on following events:" comes from a
tkprof output, where the wait times are expressed in seconds (as opposed to
v$session_wait where they're in centiseconds (or micro in time_waited_micro
in 9i)).

Are there current gets associated with checking the referential integrity
(index is unusable but FK still in force)?


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On Fri, 31 Dec 2004 02:07:14 +0600, Egor Starostin <egorst@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's not a 12 seconds it's a 1192 seconds, I think.
> And it doesn't look like 'collection error' since the max.wait is 2.8
> Probably the problem is on client's side, not on the server. Server
> spent 23 seconds of it's CPU time and waited 1192 seconds for client's
> commands.

I checked the docs, according them that's centiseconds (100ths of a
second) 1192cs is 11.92s, close enought to 12 for government work.

> > Having to get nearly 20 blocks per row does seem a bit excessive.
> Maybe a _little_ bit excessive.

Depends on the row size vs blocksize I suppose.  If the average row
size was 40k and block size was 2k that would explain the blocks per
row.  I'd hope that the poster would have said if that was a



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