Re: TKPROF output -- high current gets for INSERT

  • From: Egor Starostin <egorst@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To:
  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 02:07:14 +0600

> Looking at the information in the original mail the thing that struck
> me (having been to lots of talks where various luminaries have made
> statements to the effect of "forget your hit ratios, look at your
> waits") is that the system seems to spend an inordinate amount of
> time (12 seconds) waiting for the client to talk to it.  Is 12 seconds
> significant in the overall time the transaction takes to run?
It's not a 12 seconds it's a 1192 seconds, I think.
And it doesn't look like 'collection error' since the max.wait is 2.8 seconds
Probably the problem is on client's side, not on the server. Server
spent 23 seconds of it's CPU time and waited 1192 seconds for client's

> Having to get nearly 20 blocks per row does seem a bit excessive.
Maybe a _little_ bit excessive.

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