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I asked a good old friend in SQL*Plus development his opinion, and he said (I
"Over the years, users have pretty much requested *any* behavior you can think
 It doesn't fit with my 80/20 rule, and perhaps the user would be better off
using perl or php."

kind regards,

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Did not read carefully enough. I guess Tom Kyte has to write another post in his
blog about reading of questions after his post about the asking of questions.
And I  will have to read it, carefully.

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One thing I would like to see is the ability to spool output from SQL*Plus to
more than one file at a time. I am writing a script in which I am spooling the
results of each command to "foo" and then grepping the foo file for the elapsed
time and putting it in a log file using "!grep ...". The problem with this
method is that I can't spool the results of the entire script to another file in
the event I want to see the detail.
I could use some "cat" commands to keep moving the results but this seems like a
pretty easy and perhaps usefull feature.



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