Re: Solaris 10 x64, EMC Powerpath and ASM

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Now i dont know if its linux related or emc power path(but i think its 
power path), we had to have storage peeps, skip the first part of the disk 
and all of our asm disks use partition 1 not the entire disk, something 
about having to skip first meg or something like that.

bug i suppose.


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11/08/2010 11:55 AM
Solaris 10 x64, EMC Powerpath and ASM
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Hi list!

I have been scratching my head for a little while now.

Has anyone got ASM on Solaris 10 + EMC powerpath to work? I have changed
permissions and ownership on the devices in /dev/rdsk/emc* and changed the
discovery path for ASM to /dev/rdsk/emc*

Although ASM discovers disks, it doesn't discover the partitions I want it
to discover.

I get the emcpowerxp0 and for some devices it's emcpowerxp1 (where x is
the number of the device)

So I think I'd want to create a partition on the emcpowerx device spanning
the whole disk.

Any help appreciated,



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