SOLVED ...........RE: "cluvfy" setup for RAC Pre-installation setup Checks for 10gR2 .........

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 12:02:31 +0530

Issue Resolved.


Solution - Before Oracle Clusterware installation, CVU needs to be Run
directly from the Oracle CD.


For the 10gR2 Software CD with On Solaris 10 


$ cd /oradvd2/clusterware/cluvfy

$ -help



cluvfy [ -help ]

cluvfy stage { -list | -help }

cluvfy stage {-pre|-post} <stage-name> <stage-specific options>

cluvfy comp  { -list | -help }

cluvfy comp  <component-name> <component-specific options>  [-verbose]


Note: The script contains temporary variable definitions
which enable it to be run before installing Oracle Clusterware or Oracle
Database. After you install Oracle Clusterware, use the command cluvfy
to check prerequisites and perform other system readiness checks.


Note: You must have the utility unzip installed and configured with a
path command for to run.








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Running $ORACLE_HOME/bin/cluvfy gives message:-


"<ORACLE_HOME>/bin/cluvfy: /bin/cluvfy: not found"


Thereafter I created a symbolic Link in "/bin" directory of file cluvfy.


$ su

# cd /bin

# ln -s <Local Directory containing copy of cluvfy>/cluvfy cluvfy 


Thereafter $ORACLE_HOME/bin/cluvfy gives a BLANK line & control does NOT
return to Unix prompt. Need to press Ctrl C to get control back.


Running $ truss cluvfy gives Output running indefinitely.



NOTE - $ORACLE_HOME is a NON-RAC Oracle 10gR2 installation on Solaris


Qs 1 Is using cluvfy obtained from a NON-RAC Oracle installation OK or
should it be Copied directly from the CD?

Qs 2 Does cluvfy need to be run as root user , Oracle user or any dba
(unix) group user?

Qs 3 Any Other ideas?


Thanks indeed


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