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Do yourself a huge favor and buy Ignite by Confio.  The tool will show you 
quickly and graphically where your real performance issues are and will 
save you much wasted time and toil.  The fact that Ignite produces 
intuitive graphs has the added benefit of aiding you as you attempt to 
discuss these issues with less technical folks (managers, etc.).  It's 
good stuff.

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> "Practicing" Oracle performance tuning ...
> Ramesh Geecee 
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> Hi Listers,
> I am newbie to the DBA / Performance tuning world and was wondering 
> if there were some environments available to "practice" performance 
> tuning in realistic situations.  I have been a PL/SQL developer for 
> a while and know a little bit about pro-active performance tuning 
> during development.  But again the kinds of problems faced on "Real"
> systems as opposed to "Dev" boxes are very different, I guess - I 
> never had access to a Production side of things.
> Some of the questions that I have are:
> 1. Where does one get started with performance tuning?
> 2. Various tuning exercises need to be tried on boxes other than 
> Production first - so how does one make the test box similar to what
> the production has?
> 3. What sets of built-in tools are generally useful in real life 
> 4. What about any commercial utilities?
> I would really appreciate responses to this request of mine.
> Regards,
> Ramesh.

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