RE: PL/SQL memory usage?

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Monitor "session pga memory" in v$sesstat.

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> memory allocation for pl/sql tables is unbounced. you can make your
> arrays so big that you use up so much memory on a server that you
> cannot make a SSH connection to the server and cannot connect to

        OK, but is this memory used from the SGA, PGA, or does Oracle
allocate something outside of these memory areas?

> i dont think storing all this in an array would make that much of a
> difference. The best way to i mprove performance of this kind of
> thing is to look at the algorithm and see if there is a better way
> to do it and to see if you can parallelize your steps. For example,
> can you open up some oracle jobs and run 3 things at the same time.

        Agreed... I just don't know if the programmers will get that.
are Clipper guys commissioned to do an Oracle system, not a good
at all.


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