RE: No to SQL? Anti-database movement gains steam

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I think very on-topic, but if you read the article, they modified
PostgreSQL to be columnar instead of row-based.  This holds up with
another school of thought from folks like Vertica that column-oriented
databases are the "way to go" to scale to these types of data sizes and
ranges.  Yet another variant on the traditional RDBMS for specific uses.
They also mentioned that yahoo acquired the technology from a small
startup, and then adapted it.





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        Now certainly, you can build a >100TB Oracle instance, but the
cost and
        the complexity would be challenging.  In addition, presumably
they only
        see this data store growing, and how do you deal with a 200,
300, 400TB
        Oracle instance?   Google, for example, in 2006 had
approximately 1.2PB
        of data in their structured data store.  Heaven knows what it is

semi off topic

Yahoo has a datawarehouse of 2PB and 24 Bilions of 'events' ( changes? )
per day. They got postgresql source code and rebuild some parts to meet
their needs

Afaik, they are very happy with the results


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