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Ciao Alberto

From my part, independently of the content of the book, I'll buy it
without hesitation. Therefore I didn't have a look to the information
provided by Apress on their homepage. But as I wrote I *guess* the book
will have almost the same content as the class.

During the class after general stuff about CP, workload characterization
and how to get statistics from the OS/Oracle, modeling techniques like
linear regression, queuing and simulation are explained.


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Is the book about something like "how to build a mathematical
model of your system/workload" and then use it to forecast its growth ?

On 3/29/07, Christian Antognini <Christian.Antognini@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Joel
> 2 years ago I attended Craig's class about the same subject. I *guess*
> the book contains almost the same information in the same quality.
> my part I'll buy the book a soon as it is available.
> Chris

Alberto Dell'Era
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